Pre-sesion de XV | Karla Sarahi

This video was created for the sweet 15 (quinceanera)

It was a very hot day and the Chambelanes were in need of refreshments ASAP! Fortunately Karla Sarahi was there with nice refreshments. It was a day under the sun and everyone ended up loving and remembering that summer day forever!


Las fotos de la presesion de mi quinceañera el dia Junio 10 del 2017 en la ciudad de Denver, Colorado.

Photographer: Jesse Caballero
Imagenes para mi XV
Photographer: Jesse Caballero
Karla’s Quinceanera
Photographer: Jesse Caballero
En preparacion para mi evento!
Photographer: Jesse Caballero
Imagenes (c) Jesse Caballero
Photographer: Jesse Caballero
Mi libro digital
Photographer: Jesse Caballero
Sesion de fotos en la nieve!
Photographer: Jesse Caballero
Gracias a todos por estar presentes!
Photographer: Jesse Caballero

Imágenes profesionales por Jesse Caballero

  • Denver (720) 436-0695
  • Beverly Hills (424) 279-3109
  • Manhattan (646) 600-9982

Caballero Portraits photography Jesse Fotografos en Denver Expertos

Fotografos en Denver New York Beverly Hills

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